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Are you interested in learning more about Peter? As a student-athlete on the rise, he’s just getting started in all he will achieve. Peter is excited to foster relationships and network with others in the world of football and beyond. Reach out if you’re interested in learning more about him, his talents, or his future.

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Between his work on the field, his studies, his guiding Christian faith, and strong family values, Peter stays busy.
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Peter’s tremendous skills on the field have landed him in the spotlight. See all the ways his hard work has earned him recognition here. 

Get to Know Peter Gonzalez

Peter is a football player at Pittsburgh Central Catholic. He is a wide receiver and is known for being a great receiver with a 38 inch vertical. Peter is an ambitious student-athlete who has his sights set on his future.

Fast Facts About Peter

  • Favorite Part of the Game: Scoring – finishing the play is his specialty
  • Athletes He Looks Up To: Tua Tagovailoa, Steph Curry, Larry Fitzgerald, DK Metcalf
  • Personal Hero: His Dad
  • Signature Fan Greeting: Fist Pump or Dap
  • Animal He’d Morph Into: Rhino
  • Favorite Color: Carolina Blue
  • What He Wants to Be Known For: Never Giving Up

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