Peter Gonzalez

Ambitious Athlete, Dynamic Football Player

Peter Gonzalez is a wide receiver at Pittsburgh Central Catholic High School. With a passion for football, Peter’s love for the sport spurred from watching the game. Ever since he scored his first touchdown freshman year, he’s found inspiration from his teammates and in the “adrenaline high” he gets when he’s out on the field.

Looking Towards the Future

At his young age, he’s already projecting his sites towards his bright future. He possesses numerous goals and the ambition to work towards them. First, he wants to build the buzz around himself as a player then earn more merits from his work on the field in the short term.

Peter aims to play for a Big 10, Big 12, ACC, SEC, or PAC12 school in the long term.

A strong set of core values drives Peter in his everyday life.
You can read more about these guiding principles on his About Page.

Some of his strong values include:

You don’t need the spotlight – do it because you love it

Love for Christ and Lead with Christ

Love to see others succeed as well as yourself

Authenticity – being genuine

Operate with integrity above all else

Always be up for a challenge


Peter’s tremendous skills on the field have landed him in the spotlight. See all the ways his hard work has earned him recognition. 


I want to be more than a role model – I want to be relatable. I want kids with low self-confidence or young athletes that are filled with self-doubt to look at me and my accomplishments and feel motivated. Motivated to never give up and motivated to go after what they want without worrying what other people think.

– Peter Gonzalez

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